00364: Tie-in Farm Fields together - (Include)

Summary: Tie-in Farm Fields together - (Include)
Created: 2005-03-06 12:57
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: V Krishn
Priority: 4
Version: 2.x

Description: Request for support for "include" of group/pages from farm or fields based on farmmap.txt defined in farm or fields(not yet implemented).

(:include field=diary page=Jan.04:)

This would include page Jan.04 located in field diary. Provided field->diary is defined in Farm's farmmap.txt or Fields farmmap.txt (which also needs to be supported in which case). Fields map for diary would override farm's map in farmmap.txt respectively.

Implemented as a cookbook: Sisterly --Eemeli Aro January 20, 2009, at 04:39 PM