00293: fix rel="nofollow" in links

Summary: fix rel="nofollow" in links
Created: 2005-01-18 19:17
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: GrahamL
Priority: 55
Version: all
OS: all

Description: Google, in association with several weblog-software vendors, has decided to begin honoring the rel="nofollow" attribute for links. This means that Pagerank (the method that Google uses to determine search-result relevance) will not carry across links with this attribute. For more information, see http://www.google.com/googleblog/2005/01/preventing-comment-spam.html .

Since the point of wikispam is the same as that of blogspam, i.e., to raise the pagerank of the linked site, PmWiki should implement the rel="nofollow" attribute. One way to implement it would be to revise the current "authorize links" system to simply add this attribute (and alter the display of the link?) to any non-whitelisted link, and keep it clickable. I'm sure there are other ways.

How about this: Links that were added in the last X days have the rel="nofollow". That gives site maintainers enough time to clean up the mess.

That is a good compromise. As long as it is possible to change it to 0 days, as I use PmWiki more as an easy to use and configurable CMS system.

This is coming in the next release; see the thread on pmwiki-users at http://pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2005-January/009205.html .

That message also shows it as a local configuration option.

PmWiki doesn't keep track of when each individual link is added, thus having a "add rel='nofollow' to all new links" doesn't really work.


I am doing something different here:

 $UrlLinkFmt = "<a class='urllink' href='\$LinkUrl'>\$LinkText</a>";
 $UnapprovedLinkFmt = "<a class='urllink unapproved' href='\$LinkUrl' rel='nofollow' title='unapproved URL'>\$LinkText</a>";

This uses scripts/urlapprove.php to add rel="nofollow" to all unapproved Links, but still allows them to be clicked which would work fine if there wouldn't be bug 00440 :-] -- Balu