00142: moderate posts / draft capability

Summary: moderate posts / draft capability
Created: 2004-11-04 10:50
Status: Closed - added in 2.1.beta23
Category: Feature
Priority: 53
Version: any
OS: any

Description: Allow moderation of posts, to keep spammers/vandals from doing evil to the page, and then reporting to sites like zone-h before cleanup can occur.

There are two principal mechanisms for moderating posts: password protection of pages and groups, and moderation of links to external hosts (e.g., http://www.tamucc.edu requires approval, see ApprovedUrls and the scripts/urlapprove.php script in the devel distribution).

Several on the pmwiki-users mailing list have discussed providing a "draft edit" capability -- i.e., pages exist in draft form until promoted or officially published, but the details of how such a feature should work haven't been worked out yet. We probably need a discussion/summary somewhere so I can look at it. One of the issues I have with page drafts is that the version to be edited won't look the same as the one on the web site.


you could add some sort of visual cue to such pages indicating that there are pending edits that have yet to be approved/published. shi

Jan Meijer proposes a nice solution that effectively changes the edit page save buttons to "Publish" and "Update draft". "Publish" says to save the page and push the contents out to the website, "Update draft" saves the page edits (and this is what everyone sees when editing) but the page content remains the same until the page is published. --Pm

Hello, I see that this is an old post, is there any update on this, this would help me tremendously as one of aspects for me rolling out pmwiki for my organisation would be to ensure that all contents are first moderated by a super user group prior to publishing

See and review Drafts. You can set 'publish' permissions, then people with those can save a page, and people with 'edit' permissions can only save draft versions. --Petko January 15, 2020, at 07:27 PM