00433: new scripts/pagelist.php breaks SearchExtensions

Summary: new scripts/pagelist.php breaks SearchExtensions
Created: 2005-05-04 02:04
Status: Closed - added in 2.0.beta37
Category: Feature
From: jr
Priority: 4
Version: beta33 and above
OS: all

Description: The Cookbook.SearchExtensions relies on knowing the values of $GLOBALS['SearchIncl'], $GLOBALS['SearchExcl'], $GLOBALS['SearchGroup']. The FmtPageList function now sets these after the call to $fmtfn, so the values aren't available to custom search format functions. This causes the search extensions' custom format function to fail.

The fix is to move the 3 $GLOBALS statements that set SearchIncl, SearchExcl and SearchGroup above the call to $fmtfn (I put them right above the $matches = array(); statement). I have tested this with beta 35 and it works for me.