00371: Instant Edit Form like [[Cookbook-V1.X-Comment]]

Summary: Instant Edit Form like Cookbook-V1.X-Comment
Created: 2005-03-08 10:11
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: Henning
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0.beta23
OS: Linux/Apache 2

Description: I'd like to suggest an "Instant Edit" functionality similar to that offered by Cookbook-V1.X-Comment.

Despite its name, I have used it in PmWiki 1 as a quick, author-friendly way of adding content to pages and not as a dedicated commenting tool as requested in PITS.00045.

In PmWiki 2, x-comment unfortunately doesn't work anymore, so I'd like to suggest adding a similar light-weight functionality as a standard.

(I'm not adding this to PITS.00308 since that PITS suggests "more" while I'm actually looking for "less" ;-)

--Henning March 08, 2005, at 10:12 AM

After thinking about it, full integration into PmWiki would be optimum, but I'd be very happy about a straight conversion of the original Cookbook-V1.X-Comment as Cookbock recipe, too. --Henning March 31, 2005, at 06:56 AM

i think the x-comment script is very useful! please make it compatible!

the script is very useful for all wikis in academic use - its just easy, but also different, to add a comment to an already existing text or statement... so it becomes clear what is the statement is and what is the comment.

- i wanted to upgrade my wikis to the new generation of pmwiki and i realise that x-comment does not work on it yet.

this is a reason for me not to upgrade - however - the new gen comes with a lot of other advantages.

is there any chance that youre gonna continue to devellop x-comment?

hopefully: YES !

thanks & best wishes!


Hi Stephan! Glad you share my enthusiasm about X-Comment :-) Please remember to add your personal priority for this issue under Assigned Priority at the top of this page, too. (Priority votes help to find out how much "demand" there is for the feature in question.) --Henning June 06, 2005, at 09:43 AM

Isn'it like the Forum addon ? jmi

Cookbook/CommentBox seems to be similar to X-Comment. If Cookbook/CommentBox can be made to do what X-Comment did, we could probably close this issue.

(I thought of something simpler than a forum when creating the request, but thanks for the tip anyhow! Some of my X-Comment applications were in fact forum-like pages. I'll have a look at that add-on, too :-) --Henning June 27, 2005, at 10:54 AM

I tried Forum and still like X-Comment better due to its simplicity. However, due to external factors I don't need the x-Comment script anymore, though it's definitely a neat soluton. I'm closing this issue. --Henning September 02, 2005, at 05:47 AM