01279: Creation of an empty div html tag

Summary: Creation of an empty div html tag
Created: 2012-02-03 20:07
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: CarlosAB
Priority: 4
Version: 2.2.36
OS: linux/apache

Description: Rendering of http://codex.wiki.br/Site/Search:

<div id="wikitext">
<!--cached--><div class="vspace"/>

There is no empty div tag in html.

If the tag ends not with > but with /> it doesn't need a closing tag. However, on my monitor you have <!--cached--><div class='vspace'></div><form... so I suppose you are not looking at the actual source produced by PmWiki but at something modified by a program. If you go here, you'll see some other problems in the skin - notably you cannot have <a><h1></h1></a> but you could have <h1><a></a></h1>. --Petko February 05, 2012, at 12:46 AM

Ok, now it validates completly, thank you. The problem persists, if you look at this link, you will see it. CarlosAB February 06, 2012, at 01:02 PM

I still see <div class='vspace'></div> which is normal for your source markup. If you want to remove it, delete the empty line after the (:Summary:...:) page text variable. --Petko February 06, 2012, at 04:14 PM

Good lord! Am I crazy?! I can't believe it.I checked and re-checked it, whith cache on and off, I swear I'm not lying or making that up and believe it or not I'm still getting the empty div tag. <div class="vspace"/> CarlosAB February 06, 2012, at 04:23 PM

Note that <div class="vspace"/> is valid XML in some standards and is the same as <div class='vspace'></div> but I suspect your browser or proxy does the conversion, because PmWiki produces the latter. Look at the HTML source with another browser or from a different computer without a proxy. --Petko February 06, 2012, at 04:25 PM

You are completly right, that was exactly what I did. I saved and opened the source on notepad to be completly sure. The fault was on my side, hard to admit though. Anyway, pmwiki is working as expected and better than firefox 10, the culprit. Firefox 10 is rendering my Site/Search page all weird, even the source. Now m testing with all other browsers before posting. I'm really sorry it had to go this far. Well, thank you very much for your patience and promptness. CarlosAB February 06, 2012, at 04:48 PM