00686: Print template (print.tmpl) bugs

Summary: Print template (print.tmpl) bugs
Created: 2006-03-04 03:57
Status: Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta39
Category: Bug
From: Athan
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1 b33
OS: Any

Description: PmWiki's default print template (print.tmpl) necessary fix...

  • Line 15: "Retrieved from $PageUrl" There is no such entry in XLPagetemplate.
  • Line 16: "Page last modified on $LastModified" It has to be written using curly brackets as "Page last modified on { $LastModified }" to reflect the related XLPage entry.
  • Line 1: print.tmpl assigns DOCTYPE as HTML 4.01 Transitional. I think that it must change to XHTML similarly to the rest pmwiki.

Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta39