00337: login doesn't respect ScriptUrl

Summary: login doesn't respect ScriptUrl
Created: 2005-02-18 09:02
Status: Closed - inactive
Category: Bug
From: UH?TC?
Priority: 51
Version: 2.0.beta21 pmwiki-2.2.0-beta16
OS: LAMP Solaris

Description: My wiki resides in "my.service.provider.net/mysite/mywiki", and I rewrite the output so it is avaibale under "my.domain.com". Works fine, since I set $ScriptUrl to "my.domain.com".

Editing is password-protected, and after logging in it insists to redirect to my.domain.com/mywiki - which doesn't exist. pmwiki doesn't respect the ScriptUrl here.

I helped myself with a symbolic link inside pmwiki ln -s $PWD $PWD/pmwiki

PmWiki always respects ScriptUrl. Can you send me a copy of your config.php, or a URL where I can see this? --Pm

different person here seeing this behavior:

Here is a snip of the source of my login page to demonstrate the issue.

</li><li class="print"><a accesskey="" rel="nofollow" class="wikilink" href="http://almost.zfin.org/doc/index.cgi?n=Main.HomePage?action=print">Print</a>
        <div id="wikititle">
          <div class="pagegroup"><a href="http://almost.zfin.org/doc/index.cgi?n=Main">Main</a> /</div>

          <h1 class="pagetitle">HomePage</h1></div>
<div id="wikitext">
<p><strong>Password required</strong>
<form action="/%7Ezfinadmn/68f1abb51ad0820a3bb035dfe71007ad/index.cgi?n=Main.HomePage?action=edit" method="post" name="authform">
<p>Name: <input name="authid" class="inputbox" type="text"><br>Password: <input name="authpw" class="inputbox" type="password">
<input value="OK" class="inputbutton" type="submit">

notice how the first links

<a href="[(approve links) edit diff]?...

differ from the form action link

<form action=""/%7Ezfinadmn/68f1abb51ad0820a3bb035dfe71007ad/index.cgi?...

the first is where the wiki appears (correct)

the second is a munged fragment of where the wiki is. (incorrect)

my .../68f1abb51ad0820a3bb035dfe71007ad/local/config.php has

<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();

  1. $EnablePathInfo = 1;

$ScriptUrl = "[(approve links) edit diff]"; ...

my almost.zfin.org httpd.conf has ... ProxyPass /doc/ [(approve links) edit diff] ProxyPassReverse /doc/ [(approve links) edit diff] ...

everything seems to works (navigation wise) until I try to login to edit, then of course the url in the <form action= goes nowhere.

any thoughts on how to proceed are welcome


I am closing this entry as it is inactive for more than 4 years. Please reopen it if you can provide more info about issues with newer PmWiki versions. --Petko July 07, 2009, at 09:10 PM