00729: Accents are suppressed in PageNames vs i18n package

Summary: Accents are suppressed in PageNames vs i18n package
Created: 2006-04-26 23:12
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Eric
Priority: 3
Version: 2.1.5
OS: i5/OS, Apache, PHP 4

Found the solution myself:

In PmWikiFr.XLPage, the locale was set to fr_FR, but I'm Canada. So the locale should rather be fr_CA. This was quite subtle to find isn't?

Description: When I try to put accents in pagenames, they are truncated in both filename in the filesystem and the link within the page (e.g. the link "règle" in group "main" would be created as "Main.RGle". This looks ugly somehow, but it will work without broken link problem.

However, in the i18n package, many many pages were created with accents. This causes a bunch of broken links since when I will mouse over one containing accent, the link showing in the status bar will have all the accents truncated (e.g. link "Régles de formatage" will look like "RGleDeFormatage", but the file in the package is named "PmWikiFr.RèglesDeFormatage").

Is it really a bug. I believe that PmWiki someday allowed accents in PageNames, then in earlier version doesn't anymore and i18n has been made in the middle of this change since not all the pages were created with accents but rather used a renamed link (e.g. Éditer? ). Does this make sense? If so, I would appreciate that someone provide me a way to accept accents in pagename or rename all the accented pages in i18n -- I know, I'm rough

TIA Eric