00205: only 8 (:include:)-directives are interpreted by PmWiki

Summary: only 8 (:include:)-directives are interpreted by PmWiki
Created: 2004-12-03 14:13
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Bartolin
Priority: 1
Version: 2.0.beta5
OS: Linux 2.4.26/Apache/4.3.9

Description: It seems that there is a maximum of 8 (:include:)-directives which are interpreted by PmWiki.

After adding the 9th (:include:)-directive include Main.GroupFooter is being displayed at the bottom of the page. After adding the 10th (:include:)-directive additionally include Main.GroupHeader is being displayed at the top of the page. After adding the 11th (:include:)-directive the content between the leading (: and the closing :) is displayed literally.

I didn't find anything about such a limit in the documentation.

Tested on pmwiki.org

It's documented at PmWiki.SpecialMarkups and is controlled by the $MaxIncludes variable. The purpose of $MaxIncludes is to (1) prevent strange things from happening resulting from recursive includes -- i.e., cases where pages include each other, and (2) to otherwise pose a sanity check on whatever is being processed.

The default value of 10 was chosen when including other pages was a fairly rare thing to do. Now it's much more common, especially since group headers and footers and other items are instances of included syntax. As a result I'm going to bump the default up to 50 for the next release. However, a WikiAdministrator can still set any default value for $MaxIncludes.