00815: ugrade procedure for slow ftp

Summary: ugrade procedure for slow ftp
Created: 2006-10-16 08:21
Status: Closed - declined as insecure
Category: Feature
Priority: 3
Version: 2.1.26
OS: Unix/all/all

Description: When upgrading pmwiki to a new version, we download the new version, unzip it, and upload many files to the web server through ftp. But since my ftp connection is not stable, it realy takes a lot of time ! I wish we could direcly upload the .zip or .tar.gz file to the web server and then have pmwiki updates itself. See joomla for example.

Notice that unlike what is written in file pmwiki-2.x.z/docs/UPGRADE.txt, most people cannot run a command line on their web server

In order for PmWiki to "update itself", the webserver would need to have write permission to all of the PmWiki script files and directories. This would actually be a somewhat serious security risk, which is why PmWiki doesn't offer any sort of "self-update" or "automatic update" feature.