00606: Blank pages when accessing pmwiki.php

Summary: Blank pages when accessing pmwiki.php
Created: 2005-11-25 21:58
Status: Discussion
Category: Other
Priority: 1
Version: 2.1beta3, 2.0beta30
OS: OpenBSD 3.4/Apache 1.3/PHP 4.3.3

Description: No pages are displayed (or the previously-displayed browser page continues to be displayed) when accessing pmwiki.php. Further investigation reveals a bus error log entry in the httpd log. The PHP bug database shows several related bugs over the span of several years for various flavors of OpenBSD and PHP. Consider this less of a bug report and more of a heads-up if you plan on trying to run pmWiki under OpenBSD.

Have you thought about trying with a new version of PHP? 4.3.3 is fairly old.