00322: case-insensitive url processing

Summary: case-insensitive url processing
Created: 2005-02-07 11:00
Status: Awaiting feedback/votes
Category: CoreCandidate
From: Pm
Priority: 55555 55542 1
Version: 2.0.beta20

Description: It'd be nice if PmWiki could case-insensitively locate pages. See the post at http://pmichaud.com/pipermail/pmwiki-users/2005-January/009691.html

Unsuspended and promoted to CoreCandidate status for 2.1.

If added, case-insensitive urls will be an option controlled by $EnableCaseInsensitiveUrls. Of course, this won't affect anything for systems that already have case-insensitive filesystems.


Won't this just promote sloppiness by not creating links to page properly?

It would help those with windows home systems who upload to a linux server. I end up doing a significant amount of troubleshooting. Granted, it could be I'm too sloppy, but then again--what would be the disadvantage of making my server worker like my home system? Caveman

Is this PITS intended to include the bit about underscores for spaces in the urls, or is that going to be in another spot? - JonHaupt

It can go here, although PmWiki already supports underscores for spaces in urls as a local customization.


With Apache under Windows, PmWiki appears case-insensitive to a certain degree now, though I'm a bit nervous about this as I have no idea whether there might be any undesired side effects. --Henning August 15, 2006, at 01:08 PM

My main concern at the first glance were also side effects, like for example on permission check. As (or let's say: if) the forwarding to the new pagename is made well in advance all those checks, then everything should go fine though. It has even some advantage as it would prevent creating pages that equal existing pages case-insensitively, which could lead to possible confusion later.

A note on abnormal or normal behaviour: I think that though people are not aware of the case-sensitivity of the file part, everyone expects the insensitivity because it holds for the host part of the URL. Because of this and just for pratical reasons ("Did I write Cookbook.CleanURLs with Url or URL?"), I imagine that this feature would become a natural property in handling wikis in general. ThomasP April 12, 2007, at 07:54 AM

Just a quick note that this feature is indeed on PmWiki's Road Map of features to be added (likely for the 2.3 release).


Now implemented as a cookbook recipe: Cookbook.CaseCorrection --EemeliAro 2008-09-02

Is CaseCorrection enough of an answer to close this, or do we need similar functionality in the core? —Eemeli Aro July 27, 2009, at 05:30 AM