00419: eBookLog - a log for online literature

Summary: eBookLog - a log for online literature
Created: 2005-04-08 03:51
Status: Suspended
Category: Feature
From: Monty
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1
OS: Any/Any/Any/Any

Description: Just as Cookbook.WikiCalendar (true name WikiLog) is a commentary on the calendar (and not a calendar per say - rather like a captains log, a book of metainformation in reference to drama occurring elsewhere), there should exist a recipe (or mod of WikiLog) which permits a commentary of classic works of literature, which exist in standard forms throughout the world, and which are codified in XML, and available online -- such as the HolyBible (or Shakespeare's Hamlet, Poe's Raven, Blake's Tyger, et. al.).

My personal interest is in the first instance (and there may be sizable marketshare and momentum for it), but such a recipe should be easy to adapt to any type or form of literature, which would be extremely useful and interesting to academic institutions, and students of great writing everywhere. It might also be helpful in the creation of eBooks (such as using PmWiki to create documention) via allowing standardized schema of addressing and means of back referencing the original eBook.

Such a recipe could be called BibleLog, PlayLog, PoemLog, StarTrekLog, or whatever is relevant to the eBook against which commentary is to be logged.