00306: underscores are treated as word separators

Summary: underscores are treated as word separators
Created: 2005-01-31 03:48
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: Profiles
Priority: 5

Description: pmwiki seems to be treating underscores as word separators, and I don't know why.

e.g. we have the word DBSVR1_RS, which is showing as a link to DBSVR1. Ack :/

In reviewing this, apparently PmWiki has never allowed underscores as parts of PmWiki/WikiWords. An admin can change this behavior by changing the value of $WikiWordPattern with

$WikiWordPattern = 

--Pm I added the and markup to the $WikiWordPattern line so someone can copy it from the page rather than going to the edit page. Hopefully that's consistent with Pm's original intent. HaganFox