00676: Only include a page once in MailPost

Summary: Only include a page once in MailPost
Created: 2006-02-27 12:08
Status: Closed - superceded
Category: Feature
Priority: 2-5

Description: MailPost writes the changes to its temporary file for every saved edit. This often results (at least in our wiki) in many duplicate entries for the same page. Possible solutions would be to list the most recent change, the first change, one change per author, or just non-minor edits (which depends on people marking edits as minor).

I've given this change a vote of negative 5. I like this feature very much, just the way it is. Maybe making this an admin's option would work... TeganDowling

Since there weren't any votes in favor of this, I'm closing it. It's also superceded by the new PmWiki.Notify capbility.