00265: Fatal error: implementing AlternativeNamingScheme

Summary: Fatal error: implementing AlternativeNamingScheme
Created: 2005-01-05 04:15
Status: Closed - fixed in cookbook
Category: Cookbook
From: Han
Version: 2.0. beta14
OS: Mac OSX 10.3.7, Apache 2.0.52, PHP4.3.9

Description: Implementing Cookbook/AlternateNamingScheme in combi with Cookbook/MarkupExtensions gives this fatal error

 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: wikilinkspaced() in /Users/HanB/Sites/pmwiki/pmwiki.php(903) : regexp code on line 1

Disabeling Cookbook/MarkupExtensions gets things working.

But now TitledLinks stops working (displays only "++"). Including WikiCalander repairs this!! TitledLinks was working without Cookbook/AlternateNamingScheme and without Wikilog.