00536: MailPosts Cookbok Page - noob

Summary: MailPosts Cookbok Page - noob
Created: 2005-09-20 16:04
Status: closed - added for 2.1.7
Category: Documentation
Priority: 3
Version: 2.06 current as of 9.20.2005
OS: Apache 1.3.3, PHP 4.3.11

Description: The Cookbook/MailPosts page is not as clear as I would like it. I would edit it myself, AFTER I get things working but am a bit new and wouldn't want to make a mess.

The commented mailposts.php file and the MailPosts Wiki page don't clearly explain (to me) if I should edit stdconfig.php with a "1" and then copy all the variables to local/config.php.

I first edited the mailposts.php file, and I think that is incorrect. I also spent a lot of time searching the PITS and the site for more information. It seems a lot of people want the MediaWiki option I too am familiar with regarding users subscribing to content they are interested in. My test PmWiki will be small so I can add each person to the file or create a listserv address.

Thanks for your answer and clarification.

Welcome Dave to our slice of the world. ;-)

We like people who try things out, and so....we are happy to know that after experimenting you got it to work. Post your clarity to the MailPosts page and good fortune will come your way. Ok this is just way to silly. Suffice it to say I got it working. Dave Kaufman?

hopefully this issue has been resolved by the new PmWiki.Notify capability. If not, please open a new ticket.