00119: "powered by" logos delivered in pub dir

Summary: "powered by" logos delivered in pub dir
Created: 2004-10-27 15:53
Status: Add to cookbook
Category: Feature
From: KAL
Priority: 1
Version: 2
OS: any

Description: I would like to have the "powered by" -logos (in different sizes) (and may be some more pmwiki-related logo's if they exist) delivered in pmwiki's pub directory. In my installation I use this in the sidebar and I copied it from somewhere - don't know where.

So if someone else would like to use it, they don't have to look for.

Believe it or not, in general I like to not have too many 'extra' files lying about in the PmWiki distribution, especially when it comes to having to worry about files being overwritten during an upgrade. So, this is another case where I think a Cookbook page with "powered by" logos would be a worthy thing. :-) --Pm

I'll add it. ---KAL?