00412: Add OpenOffice macro conversion to wiki text

Summary: Add OpenOffice macro conversion to wiki text
Created: 2005-03-31 08:51
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: Pm
Priority: 4


It has been discovered that there is a macro for those who have created a document in OpenOffice.org for DokuWiki. This macro converts the text of the document and puts it into proper wiki text and embeds it in the clipboard ready to paste into DokuWiki.

I've created this page because I believe this macro would be useful for PmWiki. Anytime you can create document conversions, everyone is the better for it. It makes publishing so much easier.

Here is the link to the macro creator:

Here is the link to the macro:

After researching some, there has been development on an OO export for Media Wiki

The macro is open source released under the LGPL. If anyone here has experience with these macros, go for it. I can only raise awareness of this software feature.

I took the Dokuwiki Macro and did a quick hack so it is suitable for PmWiki. It is far away from being optimal but at least it works. I do not have much knowledge about the programming of Openoffice. So everyone who knows more please add desired features or functions.

Here is the file: Attach:PmWiki_OO-Macro.zip (Openoffice 2.x format)

Have fun with it Klonk March 02, 2006, at 05:40 AM

Hi, this is nice, but I can't get the macro to work.Got the following error message:

''A Scripting Framework Error occured when running the Basic script PmWiki.modPmwiki.fnHyperConvert. Message: Wrong number of parameters.''

It does work, but you must go through the macro maintenance? (instead of execute). I have the Open Office in Dutch, so I do not know the correct English terms.

Thanks Klonk!

Maaike Feb 10 2007

Odt2Wiki (which converts odt to MediaWiki) might be a better approach. Rather than a macro it integrates with the Export-function of OO.o. Seems more sane and flexible to me?

Audun Oct 5 2007

Basically I adopted the mediawiki Macro (as it was available at that time). If you can adopt that macro would be great.

Klonk October 16, 2007, at 06:11 AM