00715: pmwiki broken after being spammed

Summary: pmwiki broken after being spammed
Created: 2006-03-28 14:44
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
From: Ragnar?
Priority: 5
Version: 1.0.13
OS: Linux/Apache/php4

Description: After major spamming attacks I am not able to change the contend of *any* page nor restore previous versions with history. Viewing history i also notice an incomplete list.

I alraedy tried "set_time_limit(900);" withouth success. Using a rather old version of pmwiki, is moving to a more recent one a helpfull option? can i edit the files by hand (safely)?

Using a hosted environment, correct versions of linux+apache (except for pmwiki) are difficult to get.

The pages are now (temporary) globally protected by password for editing, mail me at ragnar@lodbrok.be for a password.

Older 1.x versions of PmWiki did have a problem where page history could be corrupted by spam robots. Moving to a more recent version will definitely help.

It's safe to edit the files by hand.


I installed v2.1.5 and converted all pages; the main page needed manual editing (to messed up); recovery of other impacted pages was successful. It works great now!