00637: Search function getting slower due to "excerpt"?

Summary: Search function getting slower due to "excerpt"?
Created: 2006-01-08 14:09
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: floozy?
Priority: 5
Version: 2.1.beta17
OS: FreeBSD / Apache2 / PHP5.0.4


I'm always using the latest versions of PmWiki (currently 2.1.beta17). Recently, I felt that the search function was getting slower, somehow. Especially when entering "/" as a search term to view the sitemap, I have to wait 3-4 seconds. This was displayed much quicker, some time ago (the Firefox busy icon could not even finish one single rotation).

I was thinking that this might be related to the newly introduced "excerpt" stored along with wiki pages, thus making the files slightly bigger -- however it's only a few 100 bytes per page...

Rolling back to 2.1.beta12 (before the "excerpt" was introduced) resulted in much quicker display of search results, especially the sitemap. Uploading 2.1.beta17 again to make sure it's not due to file caching of the webserver confirmed my test results. So far I didn't test and compare other versions.

My questions:

  • Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
  • Could this be related to the newly introduced code to handle the "excerpt"?
  • If yes, what about dropping the "excerpt"? Or any other ideas how to get back the usual speed of the search function?

I've found the answer, myself: the search function is substantially slower due to $EnablePageListProtect being enabled by default in 2.1.beta15 and later.

Thanks very much. My pages before : 25/36 sec after : 7/8 sec -- FidelioEspoir 2005/01/11