00296: site image in RSS feed

Summary: site image in RSS feed
Created: 2005-01-20 04:57
Status: Open
Category: Feature
Priority: 33
Version: 2.0x

Description: RSS/RDF specifications include an <image> tag for displaying a site image in a RSS feed (which I think is rather nifty), but rss.php doesn't include support for it. I tried to modify rss.php, but only managed to thoroughly foul it up. Perhaps RSS/RDF image support could be added to rss.php at some point?

Adding an image

You can easily include the RSS images by adding these lines before the "foreach ($items as $item)" line in the modified script.

 $images = $rss->image;
 if (isset ($images['url']))
   $output .= $images['url'] . "\n";

-- Mike  07 Dec 2005