01446: New default InterMap prefixes

Summary: New default InterMap prefixes
Created: 2019-11-28 09:13
Status: Open
Category: Feature,Cookbook
From: Petko

Moved from Questions. This is about the Cookbook:Ape recipe which is a separate addon, not in the PmWiki core (but a part of may be included in the core).

Description: To embed a youtube video you have to enter a url like:


I would think youtube might be used a lot. Rather than having everyone using pmwiki to have to "do it themselves", or add it to their "pub/localmap.txt" could pmwiki add this to the Site.Intermap like this:

youtube: https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed\/

Then the embed could look like this:


I think this would be way more popular than "MoinMoin" and most links you have in there. --gnuzoo

You don't have to enter this specific URL to the youtube-nocookie domain, and to the /embed/ interface. People can just get the URLs they see when they browse the Youtube site, see the documentation at Cookbook:Ape#video-sharing:

See, people can just copy any of these URLs which they see in the remote platform, and place it in their wiki page as it is, without having to edit it or replace a part of it with an InterMap prefix. They don't need to learn and remember new markups or different cases -- they already know about links and wikistyles. This is the philosophy of the Ape recipe for all the remote platforms, not just Youtube.

Also, there are many different interfaces on Youtube, it is not like Wikipedia where all articles do have the same prefix. On Youtube there are indeed videos, but also channels, playlists, and indeed the embed interface. The prefix you suggest will only apply to individual videos and will not work in other cases. We could make the prefix to point to the root of the youtube domain but there would still be a lot of stuff to type in the page. We could add 3 different prefixes like YoutubeVideo:, YoutubeChannel: and YoutubePlaylist: but this is probably more confusion than good with the information overload.

The link to the /embed/ interface works with Ape because people have previously used Cookbook:EnableHTML or custom addons and they have these URLs already in their pages, and this way it is easier for them to migrate to Ape. I prefer not to document it however -- it is an obscure / webmasters' only interface, not known and needed by most editors. --Petko November 28, 2019, at 09:56 AM