00759: Daily Message

Summary: Daily Message
Created: 2006-06-19 07:03
Status: Closed
Category: Cookbook
From: Kersti
Priority: 5

Description: I need to be able to implement a daily message based on the date - something that would let me put in messages to my team like these on a particular date.

  • Only 5 days until sales close
  • Bob's birthday
  • CEO visit today

I tried using the javascript markup to include a script that would do this, but couldn't get it working - any ideas?

The Random quote and rotate markup functions are no good as they change with every load.

Did you take a look at the date option of conditional markup? For example, one can do:

(:if date 20060620:)(:include SomePage:)(:if:)

which will display SomePage only on June 20, 2006. There are also options available to say things like "after date", "before date", and "between date1 and date2".


It's close, but not quite - to use conditional markup I'd need to have if statements for every day - that's 365 lines in the file, which is quite a load. Was wondering if there's a more elegant way to achieve this.

Essentially what I want is something like

(:include PageCalledDate:)

Well, maybe someone else has a similar problem...

Both methods assume that the pages to be included are named in the form yyyy-mm-dd

Since the introduction of Markup Expressions, this would do the trick: (:include {(ftime fmt="%F")}:)

Another method would be $FmtPV['$Today'] = 'date("Y-m-d")'; in a config file and (:include {$Today}:) in the wiki page where you want it included.

Anke January 15, 2008, at 09:46 AM

See also Cookbook:Reminder for a slightly different approach. --Petko