00453: Missing entry fields in XLPageTemplate for translation

Summary: Missing entry fields in XLPageTemplate for translation
Created: 2005-06-14 05:07
Status: Closed
Category: Bug
Priority: 5
Version: On the site
OS: any

This turns out to be explained by missing instructions, now included in that page. Bug closed.

Description: I've just started translating the Localization.XLPageTemplate into Vietnamese, and I've struck a section which does not appear to have any entry fields for translation. It looks like this:

 ### search strings
  'Search' => '',
  'Search Results' => '',
  'SearchFor' => 'Results of searching for <em>$Needle</em>',
  'SearchFound' => 
   '$MatchCount pages found out of $MatchSearched pages searched.',

The first two strings have an entry field (=> '',), but the next three lines don't, and there seem to be multiple strings on one line.

Can I simply create entry fields myself, and input a translation for each string, or should I be doing something else? It's confusing, and it would be very helpful to have this fixed onsite.

Thankyou for any help you can offer with this.

from Clytie

Nhóm Vi?t hóa ph?n m?m t? do / Vietnamese free-software translation team