This page provides a list of core candidates -- features or requests to be considered for inclusion in the core distribution itself. Issues entered here can either be requests to develop new features or to incorporate existing features (e.g., recipes from the cookbook) into the core.

To add something to this list, simply create a new issue with a category of "CoreCandidate", or add "CoreCandidate" to the category list of an existing issue).

To register your vote for a feature, simply edit the corresponding page and append your vote (5=high, 1=low). To vote against a feature -- i.e., that the item should not become part of the core -- enter a vote of "X". Note that to be added to the core, a feature or recipe must be generally consistent with the PmWikiPhilosophy.

001262004-10-28CoreCandidate2.0devel1955533 3Openbring an expanded (:breakpage:) directive into the core
002202004-12-07CoreCandidate2.x55555 44444 4DiscussionAbility to view the wiki as-of a particular date (or tag)
003222005-02-07CoreCandidate2.0.beta2055555 55542 1Awaiting feedback/votescase-insensitive url processing
005212005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.544444 33333 33Awaiting feedback/votesAdd ?action=backlinks
008622007-01-11CoreCandidate2.24Openallow deletion from other $WikiLibDirs besides $WikiDir
008632007-01-14CoreCandidate2.2.0 beta 163OpenIssue with pageindex not removing files that don't exist
008872007-02-14CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta313Awaiting feedbackAbility to nest WikiStyle blocks.
009072007-03-24CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta40 (not relivent)3OpenRequest: Add link shortcut markup to core for $Titlespaced and $Description.
009422007-06-18CoreCandidate2.1.x43243OpenRefactor code for Easier Unit Testing
010232008-04-19CoreCandidate2.2.0-beta6543332XOpenInclude PTVs and values and PVs and values in pageindex
010252008-05-13CoreCandidate2.25OpenPermission system enhancement - inheritable passwords
010692009-02-02CoreCandidate2.2.051Awaiting feedbackLast PTV of same name wins, it should be first
010802009-03-10CoreCandidate 54OpenAdd default OpenSearch & Universal Edit Button support to PmWiki
011362009-09-01CoreCandidate2.2.0 beta 6552Openchange PTV use in pagelists to be more intuitive
011732010-02-26CoreCandidate2.2.0+5OpenAdd a configuration to disable/replace rendering of style attribute
011772010-03-08CoreCandidate2.2.84OpenAdd a mechanism to disable internal $acache
012062010-06-19CoreCandidate2.2 plus4OpenProvide a way to use FmtPagename() safely on user-supplied data
012502011-04-06CoreCandidaten/a33OpenLate farmconfig
012652011-09-15CoreCandidate2.2.3022ConfirmedNew homepage and default skin ideas
013052012-12-10CoreCandidate 43332OpenEnable meta generator header in HTML output
013962016-09-22CoreCandidate2.2.91+3OpenMarkup for <cite>, <q>, and <blockquote> (including cite= attribute)
014972023-12-20CoreCandidate2.3.x5In ProgressDark color theme
015072024-05-16CoreCandidate 51InProgressCSS warnings responsive skin

Closed CoreCandidates

000272004-09-04CoreCandidate 55555 55555 55555 55555 55555 554433 15Closed - added for 2.2.119 (2019-10-03)Table of Contents
002662005-01-05CoreCandidate2.0. beta145554443Closed - added $EnablePageTitlePriority for 2.2.9Last title encountered wins, it should be first title markup
003472005-02-25CoreCandidate2.0beta2243Closed - added for 2.1.beta33edit-buttons in guiedit (transparent background)
004592005-07-02CoreCandidate2.0.beta4053Closed - added in 2.1.beta10Allow for shared groups/pages in a farm
004842005-07-31CoreCandidateall55554Closed - added in 2.1.7mail(,,,,string additional_parameters)
005192005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.5433Closed - abandonedlet `WikiWord automatically disable that wikiword for remainder of page
005202005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.555555 44331 00Closed - added to 2.1.beta1Distribute PmWiki with WikiWords disabled by default
005222005-09-14CoreCandidate2.0.544444 33Closed - Added for 2.1.beta7Allow InterMap entries to come from a wiki page
005262005-09-15CoreCandidate2.0.55552Closed - existsUse relative urls by default
005272005-09-16CoreCandidate2.0.655555 3Closed - added for 2.2.0-beta18Automatically detect https: server
005312005-09-19CoreCandidate2.0.6554433 1 5Closed - added for 2.1.beta33Add conditional expressions to core
005422005-09-26CoreCandidate2.0.x55555 55555 5533Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta52add (pagelist fmt=authtable) markup in Core Distribution
005442005-09-28CoreCandidate2.1.3 - 2.1.55531Closed - cookbook recipeLimit the number of displayed diffs at once (was: Caching for history)
005492005-09-30CoreCandidate2.0.105433Closed - added to 2.0.11Add (:linebreaks:) and (:nolinebreaks:) to the core
005562005-10-15CoreCandidate2.0.105543Closed - added in 2.1.beta21Provide alternate responses when page not found (e.g. 404)
005582005-10-17CoreCandidate2.0.11444332 2Closed 2.2.0 beta 38allow redirects to anchors in pages
005622005-10-20CoreCandidate2.0.12555541Closed - added for 2.1.beta1Use whitespace to indicate nested paragraphs
005632005-10-20CoreCandidate2.0.1255433Closed - added to 2.1.beta8Don't show ?action= links to web spiders/robots
005662005-10-21CoreCandidate2.0.114Closed - exists since 2.2 betaAllow value defaults for input form controls
005672005-10-21CoreCandidate2.0.1155554 4444Closed - added in 2.2.0-beta17Add (:input select:) markup for select boxes
005772005-10-29CoreCandidate2.0.12555Closed - added to 2.1.beta24Missing class= Attributes in Search (and other) Forms
005852005-11-08CoreCandidate2.03Closed - fixed in 2.1.beta21Allow URL arguments in trail pages.
006852006-03-03CoreCandidate2.1 beta333Closed - added to 2.1.beta36create 'exists' condition
007602006-06-19CoreCandidate2.0.11542Closed - declinedadd Cookbook.MultiLanguage
007812006-08-09CoreCandidate2.1.124ClosedAdd WordPerfect document to list of allowed extensions
008082006-09-30CoreCandidate2.2.x55Closed - now available on pmwiki.orgRequest for a RoadMap page
008402006-11-30CoreCandidate 53ClosedIcons for uploaded files (excluding image types)
008752007-02-04CoreCandidateany51Closed - included in 2.2.0-beta32AsSpaced function in UTF-8, RequestedPage variable fixes
009982007-12-17CoreCandidate 555554Closed - exists and fixed for 2.2.3Let page passwords be references
010242008-05-13CoreCandidate2.33Closed (Cookbook.Sisterly)Addition of embedded wiki "Volume" concept
010982009-06-04CoreCandidateAll55555 442Closed - fixed for 2.2.9Preview page text variables and pagelist templates
011022009-06-26CoreCandidate2.2444Closed - added for 2.2.5Break FPLTemplate function into several functions to create development hooks
011062009-07-06CoreCandidate2.2.2443Closed - added for 2.2.11Separate diff rendering from history page rendering
011572009-12-03CoreCandidate2.2.733Closed - added for 2.2.14Improved i18n support - Automatic translating page RecentChanges and AllRecentChanges
011612010-01-02CoreCandidate2.2.844Closed - documentation updatedAdd guid tag to each item of RSS feeds
011802010-04-05CoreCandidate2.2.154Closed - added for 2.2.20Add Localization to intermap.txt
011842010-04-16CoreCandidate2.222Closed - added for 2.2.16Allow conditional "exists" to use wildcards
012022010-06-07CoreCandidate2.2.x3Closed - added for 2.2.17Allow extensions to authuser syntax
012132010-07-28CoreCandidateall4Closed - fixed for 2.2.24PageVar() should respect authentications
012162010-08-05CoreCandidate2.22Closed - Cookbook:DynamicTrailsallow navigation buttons (like with trails) using pagelists
012532011-05-23CoreCandidate2.24Closed - added for 2.2.27Prep for WYSIWIG
013692015-06-21CoreCandidate 55Closed, added to core and to siteMake PmWiki's default skin pass Google's mobile-friendly test
013902016-07-30CoreCandidate 55Closed, added for 2.2.90Make images at line starts HTML5 friendly
014062017-04-26CoreCandidate 4Closed - added to core as Skins:PmWiki-responsiveCore responsive skin discussion