00252: Wrong characters in links after update to beta13

Summary: Wrong characters in links after update to beta13
Created: 2004-12-23 02:52
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
Priority: 5
Version: 2.0.beta13
OS: Solaris/Apache2/5.0.2

Description: Hi After the update from beta11 to beta13 the links to the Main-Groups, like PmWiki.anything or Main.anything are unreadable and unusable.

When I insert the following lines into wikistyles.php from beta11 then it works:

  1. restore links before applying styles



It works without change in the file on Win2k/Apache2/PHP5.0.2.

Best regards Remo Bolli

Can you give an example of a link that isn't working, either here on pmwiki.org or another site running 2.0.beta13?

The restorelinks Markup line above was purposefully removed in beta13 in order to get things to work properly with url-encoded links, and the restoration is now handled within the ApplyWikiStyles function.


How can I post you a file with the wrong links ? I can't write the links here, because they would reformatted ! THX Remo

The problem is solved. I didn't copy the new pmwiki.php to the server. Thanks for your help Best regards Remo