00373: Lookup on doubleclick

Summary: Lookup on doubleclick
Created: 2005-03-09 04:44
Status: Suspended
Category: Feature
From: Ludo?
Priority: 4
Version: 2.0 beta 26
OS: Linux / Apache / 5..?

Description: There is an option in PMWiki to enter into "Edit" mode upon doubleclick. This 'feels' counter-intuitive, and not a huge gain over clicking the "Edit" button instead. Doubleclicking could be given a higher added value. Would it be possible to have doubleclicking lead to a configurable "Lookup" situation? E.g., when reading a text in PMWiki, the reader might encounter a word (s)he doesn't understand. Doubleclicking that word (which puts it in a 'block') would then lead to, for instance, Wikipedia or the Wictionary or any configurable site, or maybe Google, or Amazon or whatever, where this word would be explained.

Current browser technologies don't make it possible for the server to find out what text has been selected within a page. (IE is a notable exception, notable in that it allows it by also opening up some security holes.) Besides, double-clicking arbitrary words on a page to get to an external site is something that really belongs in the browser, and not in the wiki. Perhaps look at Firefox or Mozilla extensions?