00446: Approve Links tool tip

Summary: Approve Links tool tip
Created: 2005-05-30 15:38
Status: Closed - added to documentation
Category: Feature
From: Simon
Priority: 3
Version: 2beta36
OS: n/a
When a page has (Approve Links) it is not possible to see what link is to be approved without editing the page.
Could a tool tip be displayed when the cursor hovers over the (Approve Links) link that displays the URL.

eg [(approve links) edit diff]

Try the following setting in your local/config.php:

  $UnapprovedLinkFmt = 
    "\$LinkText<a class='apprlink' href='\$PageUrl?action=approvesites' title='\$LinkUrl'>(approve sites)</a>";

Now documented in UrlApprovals