01153: PageName: First letter following a dash (-) not capitalized

Summary: PageName: First letter following a dash (-) not capitalized
Created: 2009-11-25 14:31
Status: Closed - not a bug
Category: Bug
From: SchreyP
Priority: 3
Version: 2.2.7
OS: n.a.

Description: I just found out that when you create a new pagelink using a dash, the first letter after this dash is not capitalized when "creating" the pagename.

This means that [[PageName-talk]] or [[PageName-draft]] is not resulting in the pages PageName-Talk and PageName-Draft respectively, but in the pages PageName-talk and PageName-draft respectively. Also the links [[PageName-talk]] and [[PageName-Talk]] don't point to the same page.

I searched pmwiki.org and found some *-talk pages, so the error is easily made.

I tested also some other (single) punctuation in a pagename: +, =, ~, _
In all these cases the punctuation character is taken away and the first letter after the punctuation is correctly capitalized, when "creating" the pagename.

This doesn't look orthogonal design to me. Or is this according some common practice I was not aware of?

Indeed, a single hyphen doesn't capitalize the following letter, and I can assume the reason is that there are composite words written with a hyphen, where the second word shouldn't be capitalized in a title. In the other languages I use it is the same. If it is not a composite word, you would usually have spaces around the dash, and the following letter would become capital. I don't see this as a bug, and changing it in the core could break many existing wikis, so it isn't likely to happen in the 2.2.x series. --Petko December 03, 2009, at 03:48 PM