00019: $PageTitle doesn't always work right

Summary: $PageTitle doesn't always work right
Created: 2004-09-02 07:52
Status: Closed, fixed for 2.0.devel13
Category: Bug
From: Pm
Priority: 53
Version: 2.0.devel3

Description: The $PageTitle variable is not always set correctly. The fix for this is likely impacted by Pm's decision of how to handle per-page variable substitutions.

This bug may have been circumvented by the new handling of invalid page names in PITS:00013. Thus I need examples/reports of places where $PageTitle isn't working properly before I can fix it. --Pm

An Example

I set my $WikiTitle variable in local/config.php like this:

$WikiTitle = "Ricardo Cezar";

The title of my webpage look like this:

Ricardo Cezar - $HTMLTitle

Same Problem here with version 2.0:devil16.

I set my $WikiTitle wariable in local/config.php too. ($WikiTitle = "ApfelWiki.de"; I modified the myskin.tmpl in the html tag <title> replacing the existing $HTMLTitle with $PageTitle.

The title of the page looks like this:

ApfelWiki.de - $PageTitle

Possible Solution?

 <title>$WikiTitle | $Groupspaced | $Titlespaced</title>


 <title>$WikiTitle | $Group | $Title</title>

''If I'm right, and $PageTitle is no longer supported, then someone should make a note of this in the sections: Template Making, and Differences between version 1 & 2.


AFAICT, $PageTitle never existed in PmWiki 1--it was introduced in the early versions of 2.0.devel and then abandoned. So it probably shouldn't appear as a "difference" from version 1.

The correct mechanism for controlling the page title is now by placing a title tag into the page template itself.