00782: warning function.session_write_close()

Summary: warning function.session_write_close()
Created: 2006-08-11 07:10
Status: Closed - inactive
Category: Bug
From: wormcs?
Version: 2.1.11
OS: debian-etch/apache2/php5

Description: hi all

i have this warning : "Warning: session_write_close() [function.session-write-close]: Your script possibly relies on a session side-effect which existed until PHP 4.2.3. Please be advised that the session extension does not consider global variables as a source of data, unless register_globals is enabled. You can disable this functionality and this warning by setting session.bug_compat_42 or session.bug_compat_warn to off, respectively. in /wiki/pmwiki.php on line 1582"

"Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /wiki/pmwiki.php:1582) in /wiki/pmwiki.php on line 870"

when i use the authuser for the identification the next page i have the warning message if i refresh the page who have the warning it s ok

thx for your help


mail : webmaster@wormcs.dyndns.org

I am closing this entry as it has been inactive for 3 years. Please reopen it or add a new one, or contact me via e-mail if the problem persists in the current stable version. Thanks. --Petko August 06, 2009, at 04:47 AM