00198: Change Print layout in own Skin

Summary: Change Print layout in own Skin
Created: 2004-12-02 04:55
Status: Closed
Category: Feature
From: Klonk
Priority: 2
Version: 2.0beta5

Description: with configuring the $Skin variable everyone could create his own Screen layout. IMHO this should be also valid for print.tmpl. If it exists in the (own) skin directory it should be used, otherwise it should default to the standard delivered with PmWiki.

This is something that is (by design) left up to the wiki administrator and not handled automatically, because it introduces too many other oddities and complexities to do it automatically.

The way to get a skin to be also used for a print layout is add

   $Skin = 'myskin';
   $ActionSkin['print'] = $Skin;

The skin directory can provide a skin.php file that loads print.tmpl or some other action-specific template file based on the value of $action.


Following problems:
When adding

     $ActionSkin['print'] = $Skin;

in my config.php still the old print layout is shown.

Creating skin.php in the skin directory does also not use the new layout Klonk

Can you give a URL that demonstrates the problem? Also, note that you still need to set $Skin prior to doing the $ActionSkin['print'] = $Skin line.