00290: Add quick-save button to edit form

Summary: Add quick-save button to edit form
Created: 2005-01-17 15:45
Status: Closed - added in 2.0.beta44
Category: Feature
From: Pm
Priority: 3
Version: 2.0.beta19


From: Anton Breiner <abreiner@gmx.net>

I've been working with PmWiki for a little while, and one feature i would like to see implemented is a quick-save button.

The reason i would like this is that more than once I have hit on the backward button (right next to the arrows on my laptop) by accident and lost a lot of editing, and i know i would save more often if there would be just such a quick-save option.

I use the "Preview" button to do this. <testing now...> Yep. The Preview button on the edit page has the effect of saving the edit-in-progress. If I accidentally hit a keyboard "back button" (which I don't have, so I used the browser's "back one page" button) then I can get my changes back by hitting the browser's "forward one page" button. <tests with other browsers...> IE requires an additional click of the browser's "Refresh" button to do the restore. --HaganFox

This feature is now available in 2.0.beta44. --Pm