00118: expansion of LinkPageCreateFmt

Summary: expansion of LinkPageCreateFmt
Created: 2004-10-27 08:05
Status: Closed - added to cookbook
Category: Feature
From: KAL
Priority: 2
Version: v2
OS: any

Description: what do you think about adding a title-attibute to the $LinkPageCreateFmt, so that a tooltip-windows is displayed when you run over the non-existant link with the mouse ?

$LinkPageCreateFmt = "<a class='createlinktext'  title='$[page not found - 
  click link to create page]'href='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>\$LinkText</a><a 
  class='createlink' href='\$PageUrl?action=edit'>?</a>";

This is probably a good candidate for a cookbook recipe. --Pm

done. --KAL