00465: session_start (was Issue with Session and session_id )

Summary: session_start (was Issue with Session and session_id )
Created: 2005-07-14 08:35
Status: Closed - cannot duplicate
Category: Feature
From: Isidor
Priority: 5
Version: b47

Description: Hi

In fact que request is:

How could we setup a parameter to have session_start() enabled as soon pmwiki.php is started

It was before

Is there a reason to have the session_id changing from page to page ?

It will be very usefull to have an session_start() option allowing the session_id to remain the same


PmWiki doesn't change the session_id from one page to the next -- at least it's not supposed to. Are the session ids changing for you on pmwiki.org...?

Hi Patrick, not so easy to test, I've seen this when trying AuthUser on the latest beta, by adding session_start(); echo session_id(); on the first line of config.php For now, the workarround was to add session_start(); at the first line of pmwiki.php Regards Isidor