00778: Parsed HTML pages saved in uploads folder

Summary: Parsed HTML pages saved in uploads folder
Created: 2006-07-25 11:44
Status: Closed (Cookbook.FastCache)
Category: Cookbook
From: Navet
Priority: 553
Version: Current
OS: Current

Description: The uploads directory already contains images in individual $GroupName folders. How about an option/attribute that allows the parsed PmWiki pages to be saved as HTML inside the same folder. Turn the GroupName.PageName into PageName.html inside of the $GroupName folder.

  • By doing this, one could in fact create documentation, and have it already parsed into HTML. Just copy the folder, and you have a complete document/book written in HTML and included images.

Every time a page is edited, it would check to see if the HTML version of that page needs updated. If so, then it would update it. However, this appears to be a huge resource hog but if an attribute page was set for only those groups you wish to document, it may not be.

See Pm's post identifying the steps for manually generating html files from PmWiki pages using the HtmlUrlsrecipe and Wget. Pico September 05, 2006, at 12:16 PM

See Cookbook.FastCache, which can be used to implement this functionality. —Eemeli Aro June 26, 2009, at 07:21 AM