00294: Add rel attribs to wikitrail links

Summary: Add rel attribs to wikitrail links
Created: 2005-01-19 20:34
Status: Suspended -- needs votes
Category: Feature
From: RobinS
Priority: 322

Description: HTML supports 'rel' attributes on 'a' tags to indicate things such as 'next', 'prev', 'contents', and 'index'. I suggest we make wikitrails use next, prev and index (as appropriate), and the link that takes you to the main group page use 'contents'. This will allow browsers that support this (e.g. Opera and Mozilla) to put buttons on the UI to make it a bit easier to navigate.

Suspending this issue, awaiting more priority.

I would also request for the link tag to be inserted in the head if the page has a trail. This feature could also have an option to be activated if not the default.

How do you add a link but have the name of the link show, not the url itself? e.g

<LINK REL=Prev HREF="the previous trail" TITLE="">
<LINK REL=Next HREF="the next trail" TITLE="">
Thanks. ~V.Krishn
In general, it works like explained under PmWiki.Links. If your question applies to the topic of this PITS entry, I don't know the answer. --Henning November 20, 2006, at 10
19 AM

What if a page has more than one trail -- then what? --Pm

Can we see a demo as how this would appear on a page. My view/knowledge was from the link that appears at bottom of most of the PmWiki doc pages. This has three link.
E.g http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/CreatingNewPages
I had omitted the middle one.
<LINK REL=Start HREF="the trail page" TITLE="">

A page can belong to more than one trail. For example, a page could be listed on several trails, as in

So, if there are two wiki trails for a page, which one goes in the <link ...> tag?


hmmm.... I am not sure in this case(hope I am not missing something). But maybe some analogy can be drawn from how PmWiki interprets (:title:) directive in cases where there are several (:include:) pages which too have title directives, or has this been fixed to the parent calling page or still the last one takes the precedence?