00915: [[PmWiki/Page text variable(s)]] erroneous usage loops

Summary: Page text variable erroneous usage loops
Created: 2007-04-23 15:37
Status: Closed in 2.2.0 beta 56
Category: Bug
From: Simon
Priority: 5
Version: Current
OS: on PmWiki

Description: See PTV-Summary

The following code snippet cause a lot of pain until I tracked it down.

(:Summaryx:A starting point for Developers to both learn and record ''how we do things around here'':)

Could the mode of failure be more graceful.

There may still be a recursion problem, see Test.PageTextVariables

Along the lines of (remove # to make functional)


PmWiki only deals with the case of a self-recursive page text variable; avoiding indirect recursions isn't supported at the moment. (The theory being that indirect recursions occur a lot less frequently than self-recursions, as well as being a _lot_ harder to detect and prevent.)


Note that once this is in a page you can't edit it out, but you can copy the contents of the page, then delete the page, then recreate the (fixed) page

Indirect recursions should be fixed too (for 2.2.3). --Petko July 05, 2009, at 08:31 AM