00365: Wrap `RecentChanges output with a DIV tag

Summary: Wrap RecentChanges output with a DIV tag
Created: 2005-03-06 13:04
Status: Closed - declined
Category: Feature
From: V Krishn
Priority: 4
Version: 2.x

Description: Request to wrap RecentChanges output with a DIV tag.

<div id='recentchanges'> <ul><li><a class='wikilink' href='some/wiki/link'>link</a> . . . March 05, 2005, at 07:22 AM by ? </li></ul> </div>

This would help skin designers to beautify the output of the recentchanges via css.

Sorry, but RecentChanges is just a normal wiki page -- there's not really a way to differentiate RecentChanges from other pages, nor should it be different (at least not in the default distribution).

However, a skin designer can easily create custom CSS for recent changes in the skin.php file:

    if (substr($pagename, -13) == "RecentChanges") {
      $HTMLHeaderFmt['recentchanges'] =
        "<link rel='stylesheet' 
           href='\$SkinDirUrl/recentchanges.css' type='text/css' />";

In particular, one can then style all of the div's and elements in the RecentChanges output, including div.wikitext.


Hmm.. Yes thats right :) I did not think it that way.
Truely speaking I had made a little mistake in the original request, It should have been:

   <div id='PITSRecentChanges'>
      <li><a class='wikilink' href='some/wiki/link'>link</a>
       . . . March 05, 2005, at 07:24 AM by ? </li>
      <li><a class='wikilink' href='some/wiki/link'>link2</a>
       . . . March 05, 2005, at 05:20 AM by ? </li>
      <li><a class='wikilink' href='some/wiki/link'>link3</a>
       . . . March 04, 2005, at 01:15 AM by ? </li>

My idea was to include the RecentChanges page in some other page.
---- But nevertheless, I tried a a bit different approach (as seen on this page) and though not as I thought, I think I got the desired result.

Top 10 Recent Changes
(:table width=150px align=right border=1 
style="background-color:beige; font-size: 10px;":)
(:cell:)Top 10 Recent Changes [[<<]]
(:include Main.AllRecentChanges lines=10:)

Thanks for the above piece of code, it gave me another idea :)).