01034: Communication Tool

Summary: Communication Tool
Created: 2008-07-17 08:16
Status: Open
Category: Feature
From: Chris
Priority: 5
Version: 2.0 and higher
OS: All

Description: It would be good if PMWiki would not only integrate chatting programs such as AIM and Skype, but actually allow you to host (such as you can host Google Earth) in format that would allow users to call and speak with each other online via your website. This in turn would increase the usage of a website (and bandwidth which includes costs), but that will also increase the traffic that might ultimately increase revenue intake.

I work for an organization that could use this heavily, so there are no extra costs involved (other than what's already being paid for), however, there is a Fiber Optic setup and the internet is not being used to its full potential, which a recipe/add-on like this would definitely help. I'm sure Skype, Wizzl or whatever program would definitely not mind being used in this format.