00237: Main/WikiSandbox should be a section

Summary: Main/WikiSandbox should be a section
Created: 2004-12-17 03:34
Status: Closed
From: Profiles

Description: The WikiSandbox page encourages people to try out the syntax of the wiki. One of the major parts of a wiki is the ease of creating new pages. This leads to a glut of pages under Main/ which have to be deleted.

A WikiSandbox section would be good.

Created. WikiSandbox

The old page is still there, but the sidebar now points to the new one. Hopefully less work now :)

I very much like the idea of a sandbox group, but the WikiSandbox is one of the pages that is distributed with PmWiki, and some administrators have complained that they don't like the distribution to create a lot of groups by default. So, in an effort to avoid group proliferation in the distribution, I've left the sandbox in Main. Yes, this does mean that Main can get a lot of "junk" pages, but on pmwiki.org I don't really see that as a problem. For pmwiki.org, perhaps it helps to just think of all of "Main" as being a sandbox :-). --Pm