00587: (:markup:) inside divs adds badly placed </div>

Summary: (:markup:) inside divs adds badly placed </div>
Created: 2005-11-11 03:13
Status: Closed - fixed in 2.1.0
Category: Bug
From: HansB
Priority: 4
Version: 2

Description: using markup like this:

 (:markup:) [=test=]

is creating bad html, with a closing </div> tag inserted before the end of the table which (:markup:) generates:

<div class='faq'  >
<table class='markup' align='center'><tr><td class='markup1'><p>test</p></td></tr>
<tr><td class='markup2'><p>test</p></div></td></tr></table>

It results in breaking the layout when using fixflow skin in IE, and maybe othe rundesirable effects.