00574: Sidebar title could override a page title

Summary: Sidebar title could override a page title
Created: 2005-10-27 13:13
Status: Open
Category: Bug
From: Waylan
Priority: 2
Version: 2.0.6
OS: Win/Apache/php5


I have the following situation: In my sidebar I have (:include Group.Trailmenu:). Said TrailMenu uses the syntax of TitledLinks [[MyPage | +]]. However, when I am viewing MyPage, the Title of MyPage listed in the SideBar is actually the Title I have assigned to Group.Trailmenu. The same applies to any page I view - the link to that page (and only that page) gets the Title of Group.Trailmenu. If I remove the Title from Group.Trailmenu, the problem goes away.

Even more interesting is that when I switch the SideBar to use the TrailMenu recipe (:pagelist trail=Group.TrailMenu fmt=trailmenu:) the problem goes away as well.

Notes in the mailing list. + SideBars and other pages called by the skin template - AND THE PAGES THAT THEY INCLUDE - should have their titles ignored. Currently, the titles of pages that SideBars include are NOT ignored. --Petko June 06, 2010, at 05:37 PM

Does that include GroupHeader, AllGroupHeader etc simon June 07, 2010, at 03:21 PM

No, GroupHeader and GroupFooter are included from the page, Cookbook:AllGroupHeader as well. So they are treated as other included pages and are allowed to set a title. SideBars, sometimes SiteHeaders and SiteFooters, if they are called by the skin, should not modify the page title. --Petko June 09, 2010, at 04:29 AM