00172: WikiStyles in Tables

Summary: WikiStyles in Tables
Created: 2004-11-21 19:55
Status: Suspended
Category: Feature
From: s?
Priority: 52
Version: 2.26
OS: n/a


%block font-family=monospace  bgcolor=yellow define=tw%

||%tw%A table||row||


A tablerow

Wiki styles appear not to work with or in tables.

Actually it does work on span level inside a cell

%font-family=monospace  bgcolor=yellow define=tw%
||%tw%A table||row||

A tablerow

But block level styles are not applied to cells. I changed line 40 of wikistyles.php to read

'block' => 'p(?!\\sclass=)|div|ul|ol|dl|li|dt|pre|h[1-6]|td',

But then I cannot apply different styles to the cells of one row. The last style in a row takes precedence.