01139: Populating $HTMLHeaderFmt from Sidebar

Summary: Populating $HTMLHeaderFmt from Sidebar
Created: 2009-09-07 05:48
Status: Suspended
Category: Bug
Priority: 3

Description: I have a custom directive in Sidebar page that makes a new entry in $HTMLHeaderFmt. When page is displayed the entry does not appear in page header.

But if I make the same directive entry in GroupHeader page it does.

Also entry using $HTMLFooterFmt appears from both Sidebar and GroupHeader pages.

Regards. V.Krishn

Headers, footers, sidebar and other pages requested by the skin are processed in the order they appear in the skin template -- usually $HTMLHeaderFmt is first, then SideBar and other pages, and $HTMLFooterFmt is last. (GroupHeader and GroupFooter are processed with the current page, before the skin is loaded, so they can change the $HTML*Fmt variables; SideBar is before $HTMLFooterFmt, so it can change it.)

This cannot be easily fixed in the core, but there are 2 workarounds that you can use -- either place your directives in a GroupHeader or a GroupFooter page, or directly define $HTMLHeaderFmt['your_code'] in config.php or in a Group.php file. --Petko September 13, 2009, at 12:45 PM

Thanks, I think the workaround should solve the problem.
VKrishn September 30, 2009, at 07:30 AM