01027: AuthUser reports "InvalidLogin" on successful login

Summary: AuthUser reports "InvalidLogin" on successful login
Created: 2008-05-25 23:01
Status: Awaiting feedback
Category: Bug
From: dpollen
Priority: 4
Version: 2.1.27
OS: Apache/1.3.34 Ben-SSL/1.55 (Debian) PHP/4.4.0-4

Description: On the AuthForm page using AuthUser...

Enter incorrect details --> "Name/password not recognized"

Enter correct details --> "Name/password not recognized" (but actually does log the user in) However, (:if authid:) remains false and (:if InvalidLogin:) remains true.

Very annoying... confusing users as they don't realise they have already logged in.

It should normally be (:if enabled InvalidLogin:). --Petko July 07, 2009, at 08:42 PM