00127: LinkUploadCreateFmt character ⇑ shows as an empty box

Summary: LinkUploadCreateFmt character ⇑ shows as an empty box
Created: 2004-10-29 00:06
Status: Closed - switched to Δ
Category: Bug
From: jr
Priority: 2
Version: 2 dev 19
OS: Mac OS X v10.3

Description: When defining an Attach, the 'click to upload' character displays as an empty square box under Safari version 1.2.3. Functionality is not affected. Presumably, it's not supposed to be a square box.

Same bug with konqueror on mandrake linux --noe

I'm guessing that this means that whatever font is being used in these machines/browsers doesn't support the upwards double-arrow (⇑) character. Does "⇑" (⇑) or "↑" (↑) work any better?

If not, our alternatives are to either (1) find another character that works, (2) use (and therefore distribute) a graphic image, or (3) leave things as is. --Pm

Camino seems to be affected to. "⇑" (⇑) shows the same square box while "↑" (↑) is OK in Safari and Camino on Mac OS X --Schlaefer

"⇑" (⇑) and "↑" (↑) don't work better on mandrake linux konqueror browser. To be complete, one must say that the empty square box works fine... --noe

How about Δ ? Attach:pmwiki-32x.gif Δ