00611: Wrong profile link

Summary: Wrong profile link
Created: 2005-11-30 20:39
Status: Closed - fixed for 2.1.9
Category: Bug
From: weijiang
Version: 2.1beta1~beta8
OS: Winxp+sp2/Apache 2.0.55/PHP 5.0.5

Description: Markup [[~name | Full Name]] give wrong link. It should be /Profiles/name but I got /Main/name. Example of Wei Jiang (Cannot be reproduced in this site)

However in preview mode it gives correct link. Markup [[~name]] has no problem.

This issue had been found in 2.0 but was fixed in 2.0.13 but re-emerged since 2.1beta version.

I found in stdconfig.php if the two lines for upload.php were moved up before wikistyles.php lines. The result is correct. I don't know why.

That last statement is very interesting. Are you loading any cookbook recipes that might be causing the problem?

Can you provide the url of a site where the problem exists? It's hard to troubleshoot without being able to reproduce it.


Wow, found it! Fixed for 2.1.9.


For Pm's detailed explanation, read his post on the list.